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The Mini Fucker Penis Plug - Hollow

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The Mini Fucker Penis Plug - Hollow

If you are looking to add just a little extra to the sensation in your cock, or you are just new to the world of penis plugs, you will want to try this Mini Hollow Penis Plug.

This is a perfect for beginner or the guy who only wants to add a little more pleasure to the experience.

The cone shaped tip slides gently into any penis and slowly expands, increasing the pleasure as it does so.

The head of your cock will then close around the plug, which will keep in in place as you thrust with the pleasure you feel from it.

The shaft of the plug is hollow which allows your fluids to flow freely to wherever you want them to.

There is even a ring at the end of the plug that serves a dual purpose.

This ring keeps the plug from going too deeply and can also be used to attach other items such as chains, ropes, and weights.

Since it is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about anything breaking and it can be cleaned rather easily.

Choose the size that is right for you, and see how much of a difference this little plug can make. 

Dimensions: The length is 5cm (2”) long. / Insertable Length =1.75” 

Plug Diameter : 8mm / 9mm / 10mm - Hole Through


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