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S(A)X Leather

Slave Hood

S(A)X Leather Slave Hood This high quality, comfortable soft black leather mask is ready for hard play and long term wear. Lined on the inside and laced up at the back using eyelets this is a quality piece made to last. One size fits all ......

S(A)X Leather

Horse Bit Gag 2

The Horse Bit Gag 2 is a new addition to the range. One size fits all. Made from reinforced Nappa leather and featuring adjustable head straps, it also has a strap across the head for comfort. The bit is made from rubber. Made in Australia.

S(A)X Leather

Horse Bit Gag

The S(A)X Leather Horse Bit Gag is a two D-ringed rubber horse bit gag with a buckled leather strap. The rubber is a tasteless rubber with 38mm D rings at each end and a leather strap. It is handmade using quality materials. Australian Made...

S(A)X Leather

Silicone Penis Gag

The Silicone Penis Gag is made from silicone rubber and leather. The penis gag is 6.5cm long x 3.5cm in diameter and is made from silicone in black or red depending on availability. The gag snaps for easy removal in case of emergency. It also has...

S(A)X Leather

Penis Gag Dildo

The Penis Gag Dildo has a quick release in the event of choking. The rubber penis part is 6cm long x 3.5cm diameter and the dildo part is 12cm long x 3.5cm diameter. The rubber penis / dildo comes in black and red, we don't always have both, it depends...

S(A)X Leather

The Leather Muzzle

The S(A)X Leather Muzzle is not only an effective and practical head harness, it is a beautful design hand made to perfection. Featuring 3mm thick latigo leather and heavy duty rivets and D-rings, the Leather Muzzle also has 2 adjustable straps with...

S(A)X Leather

Inflatable Penis Gag

The Inflatable Penis Gag features a rubber penis shaped inflatable gag that, un-inflated, is 3.5cm in diameter and 6cm in height. The straps are secured with heavy duty snaps that allow immediate removal in case of choking. The penis may be red or...

S(A)X Leather

Spider Gag

The Spider Gag is a specialist gag for keeping the mouth wide open. It has a stainless steel ring and strap attachment, the ring has an external diameter of 50mm. This gag has leather straps that are easily removed in case of an emergency.