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King Cock

King Cock Insertz Moist 3-Pack

King Cock Insertz Moist 3-Pack These no-mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lotion or toy cleaner to stay exactly where you want it. The thin, extra-long tapered tips make application a breeze. They're smooth, easy to squeeze, and...


J-Lube 296 ml / 10 oz

J-Lube 296 ml / 10 oz Here's all the guff on J-Lube from the goods folks at "J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in powder form. According to the bottle, it is manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado and...


Beppy Classic

Beppy Classic Beppy Action Sponges are specially designed, cordless sponges. They are invisible and unnoticeable. Moreover, they are safe and hygienic and last longer than comparable forms of protection. Even up to 8 hours. Beppy Classic is a dry...


We-Vibe Clean 100ml

We-Vibe Clean 100ml Developed by pjur, for gentle, hygienic cleaning of adult pleasure products. We-Vibe Clean is dermatology confirmed and neutral in odor and taste. It is formulated for use with alcohol sensitive materials, such as latex, rubbers...

Stroke 29

Stroke 29 The masturbation cream that last longer than you do. Stroke 29, Empowered Products premium cream lubricant, is designed to take masturbation to a whole new level. Unlike silicone and water-based lubricants, this thick, non-greasy formula...

Zeus Electrosex

Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5 oz

Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5 oz Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel acts as a conductive applicator that amplifies the benefits and sensations of your favorite electrosex products.  Apply it to the area of the body where you will be using your e-stim...

Womanzone Feminine Pleasure Gel

Womanzone creates a cool tingling pleasurable sensation. Contains L-Arginine to increase blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. With the clitoris becoming engorged, erect and extremely sensitive. Arousal, and ultimately, orgasm is far easier to...

Pjur His & Hers

HIS Energizing Personal Lubricant contains natural ginkgo a" for more energy and power.  HER Stimulating and Warming Personal Lubricant contains natural ginseng which increases blood flow and the female sensitivity.



A popular choice for anal lubricating, Crisco has been used as a sexual aid since the 50's!Planning on a big session of fisting? Stock up on the Crisco, available in either 440gm (1lb) or 1.2kg (3lb) tins.


Pjur MedClean

The approved active ingredient of pjur® med Clean in a convenient fleece wipe for quick and hygienic cleaning without lint residue or germ transfer. Pjur MedClean contains special ingredients that have an intensive anti-microbial effect against...

Alcohol Swabs

A Pack of 10 BD Alcohol Swabs, individually foil wrapped for convenience.Use as an antiseptic skin cleaner. Four layer wrapper provides air-tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out.

Clean Stream

Lubricant Launcher

Lubricant Launcher. The Lubricant Launcher is the simple and convenient way of dispensing lube. Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that! The lubricant launchers narrowed injector makes it easy to ease into anal or vaginal play by...


Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml

Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml The Pjur Med Cleaning Spray is an ideal gentle, hygienic way for cleaning intimate areas and toys. Items that are alcohol sensitive such as latex, rubber and silicone are not affected. The mild formula of Pjur Med Cleaning...