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  • Bootie Large - Black Bootie Large - Black

    Bootie Large - Black

    Fun Factory

    Bootie Large - Black Whether you learned to love butt play from the original BOOTIE SMALL plug or you’re an ass play enthusiast looking for something large, this plug combines serious size with the most comfortable design out there. If you crave...
  • Bootie Small - Black Bootie Small - Black

    Bootie Small - Black

    Fun Factory
    Bootie Small - Black The combination of flexibility and the necessary firmness arouses the posterior passion zones. BOOTIE is a small yet exquisite toy for lovers of anal pleasures. Fun Factory anal plugs are manufactured using 100% silicone. They are...
  • Bootie Medium - Black Bootie Medium - Black

    Bootie Medium - Black

    Fun Factory
    Bootie Medium - Black Fun Factory's bestselling BOOTIE plug has introduced many, many people to the fun of anal play. Now, Fun Factory are offering the same acclaimed shape in a larger size, for folks who want to up their anal ante, or anyone who just...
  • Duke - Black Duke - Black

    Duke - Black

    Fun Factory
    Duke - Black USB CHARGER NOW INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the DUKE adapts optimally and smoothly to the male anatomy and stimulates the P-spot and perineum intensely with its powerful vibrations. The "prince" of vibrating...
  • Flexi Felix - Black Flexi Felix - Black

    Flexi Felix - Black

    Fun Factory
    Flexi Felix - Black Flexi Felix is the perfect companion for those ready to explore the world of anal pleasure. Get that spring feeling all year round with a sensual chain reaction. Flexi Felix shows that a little sense of humor goes a long way when...
  • Stronic Eins - Pink

    Stronic Eins - Pink

    Fun Factory
    Stronic Eins - Pink USB CHARGER INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT A strong toy for even stronger pleasure, the STRONIC EINS is a real womanizer with its elegant, ergonomic design and pulsating technology. The straight form with a substantial volume stimulates...