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Mister B

Mister B Leather Muscle Vest

Mister B Leather Muscle Vest This Mister B Leather Muscle Vest is a modern European design bar vest intended to leave your chest and nipples half exposed. Forget about all the old skool boring cut bar vests found elsewhere else and choose for this...

Mister B

Mister B T-Shirt - Black

Mister B T-Shirt - Black This is one of the Mister B's symbols, the t-shirt with the distinguish logo; It will turn some heads wherever you go and you'll let them know that you like it hard! Available in black, white and grey. It's also available in...

Bijoux Indiscrets

Halter Bra Harness

Halter Bra Harness This bra with MAZE straps goes perfectly with your best outfits, lingerie or simply on bare skin. 100% vegan Content: Halter Bra black and two extensors. 1 for the neck and 1 for the body. Measurements: lower chest 90cm maximum (35...

Bijoux Indiscrets

Cross Cleavage Harness

Cross Cleavage Harness The straps of this harness adorn the chest. Goes with your best outfits, lingerie or simply bare skin. The straps of this accessory can cross at the back. 100% vegan Content: Cross Cleavage Harness black, two extenders 1...

Bijoux Indiscrets

Cat Ears Headpiece

Cat Ears Headpiece This truly unique accessory is ideal for decorating your hair. Create your wildest outfits with these ‘cat ears'. - 100% adjustable at the head. - Inspired by classic BDSM: all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single...

Tom Of Finland

TOF Leather Jock Strap

TOF Leather Jock Strap Wrap your package in gleaming black leather and look like a true Tom of Finland stud with this stretchy and hot leather jock strap! The elastic waistband bears the Tom of Finland logo, with gleaming leather making up the molded...

S(A)X Leather

Leather Lace Necklace

Leather Lace Necklace Single strand of leather, approximately 3mm thick and 5mm wide, joined with nickel plated clip. Total length of leather strand, approximately 900mm to 1m long. Try it on, adjust the clasp and trim to length as required...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Sport Shorts

Mister B Leather Sport Shorts Made from the finest leathers we could find, these leather sportshorts have a superb fit. On the inside, a perforated leather inside slip cups your precious belongings so they will not dangle outside the shorts. We made...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Wrist Wallet

Mister B Leather Wrist Wallet A Mister B Wrist Wallet is a wrist band and a wallet in one. Hand crafted of jeans leather and lined on the inside, these wallets are ideal to store your party money or drink coupons when you’re going into town or to...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Jacket With Belt

Mister B Leather Jacket With Belt With this leather jacket now you can have your complete Mister B leather outfit! The quality is amazing, you'll feel it as soon as you put it on and feel how heavy it is.  Thick heavy lining, two inside pockets,...

S(A)X Leather

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood This new Mister B FETCH leather Floppy Dog Mask has floppy ears will transform you or your pup into a friendly mutt. This classic dog hood is made of sturdy yet supple leather and is firstly equipped with a snap on chin...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Belt 5 cm

Mister B Leather Belt 5 cm Mister B’s signature saddle leather belts are handcrafted in Holland by experienced members of staff of our leather workshop. We only use really thick 3.0-3.5 mm full grain all natural saddle leather, with the finest...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Braces

Mister B Leather Braces Lenghts mentioned below are the lengths of the braces with all buckles in the middle hole (4th hole). Every brace can therefore be either lengthened or shortened with 6 cm in total. Size S: 103 cm Size M: 109 cm Size L: 115...