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XR Brands

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling The Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Sling is constructed of thick latigo leather with layered support straps. It comes with a set of leather stirrups, plush leather pillow and D-rings for all of your...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Five Point Sling

Mister B Leather Five Point Sling The Mister B sling is a five-point sling and is made from the finest quality double-thick leather. On each of the five suspension points, an extra strip of metal is inserted. Built to last this sling won't let you down...

XR Brands

Hanging Leather Strap Cage

Hanging Leather Strap Cage This incredible bondage device is made of sturdy leather straps, designed to enfold, enclose, and ensnare your subject. The solid platform base allows your partner to stand inside. As they step on the leather wrapped wooden...

Fetish Fantasy

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing FANTASY SWING INSTRUCTIONS With the incredible Fantasy Swing you will be swinging your sex life back into action in no time at all! Installation is quick and easy and requires only a few common tools. The eyelet bolt of the...

XR Brands

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand The Trinity Ultimate Sex Swing Stand offers complete freedom of movement with heavy steel construction and a free-standing design. Avoid damage to your walls, doors, or ceiling by hanging your swing on a stand...

XR Brands

Trinity Sex Swing

Trinity Sex Swing Swing into action with The Trinity Sex Swing. The variety of positions that can be enjoyed with this swing will definitely help spice up your love life. The swing has padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves. The...

S(A)X Leather


The S(A)X Leather Stirrups are suspended on a 38mm strap with a 75mm spreader for comfort. We assure you they are a beautiful and durable bondage item. Made in Australia from quality leather.  

S(A)X Leather

Sit Sling Sex Swing

The S(A)X Leather Sit Sling is made from bridle hide that is 3.5mm thick and features padded thigh supports and back support. Hang in there all day. Australian Made. SUSPENSION BAR OR STAND NOT INCLUDED.

S(A)X Leather

Den Sling

The S(A)X Leather Den Sling is made from one piece of solid 3.8mm bridle hide 60 x 90cm with four 50mm D rings.  The Den Sling is reinforced along all edges with nylon seat belt webbing to control stretching. All four corners are also reinforced...

S(A)X Leather

Full Sling

The S(A)X Leather Full Sling is suspended from four 50mm D x 6mm section rings placed at each corner. The D Ring's are sewn to the leather with extra heavy thread to reinforce the corners and provide an extremely durable sling. The two layers of leather...

S(A)X Leather

Cargo Sling

The S(A)X Leather Cargo Sling is suspended from four 50mm D rings attached to each corner.  50mm wide x 4mm thick bridle hide straps are interwoven to form the cargo sling. Rivets secure each junction. Size 94cm x 56cm Australian Made from...