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Birdlocked Neo Chastity - Clear

Birdlocked Neo Chastity - Clear The shape and the flexibility of the ring allow for easy insertion and increases comfort of use. Most devices are sold with a selection of rings but NEO's one piece design doesn't need any adjustment. One of the great...


Birdlocked Mini Chastity - Clear

Birdlocked Mini Chastity - Clear No assembly between the cage and the ring for comfort and safety. No risk of pinching the skin in an assembly of several elements. 5 holes to provide ventilation to the skin to breathe A triangular ring (not round like...


Birdlocked Pico Chastity - Clear

Birdlocked Pico Chastity - Clear The Birdlocked Pico sheath includes 17 silicone spikes, which come into play when your partner gets an erection appears. Tear-resistantUnbreakableContains no toxic material or heavy metalsFully water-resistantResistant...


Birdlocked Classic Chastity - Clear

Birdlocked Classic Chastity - Clear The Birdlocked Classic chastity device has the advantage of no cock ring assembly, unlike other device available in the market. Tear resistant.Contains no toxic material or heavy metals.Fully water-resistantResistant...