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Zeus Electrosex

Extreme Twilight eStim Accessory Kit

Extreme Twilight eStim Accessory Kit Four unique electrosex attachments in one shockingly convenient kit! Forget about fragile glass and opt for Violet Wand accessories that hold up against rough play and travel. If you have ever only used glass...

Zeus Electrosex

Electric Wartenberg Wheel Estim Kit

Electric Wartenberg Wheel Estim Kit Kick sensation play up a notch with an exciting electrical experience! This kit includes a Wartenberg wheel, conduction pads, and a set of leads to attach to your Zeus Powerbox. Attach one pad and the pinwheel to...


Kinklab Power Tripper

Kinklab Power Tripper Share the Spark® with the Power Tripper™ - the electro sex toy that literally makes sparks fly from your fingertips! The Power Tripper™ is an exciting accessory for the Neon Wand® solid-state violet...


The Flex Capacitor

The Flex Capacitor From KinkLab’s ElectroErotic line, made of highly conductive silicone and used with the Neon Wand, the Flex Capacitor offers an electrifying erotic experience.The Flex Capacitor is one of the most intense electrosex toys to come...


Mystim E-Stim Magic Gloves

Mystim E-Stim Magic Gloves These electro-conductive gloves are perfect for tingling electro sex strokes. The enclosed vinyl gloves need to be worn under the Magic Gloves, in order to isolate the own hands against the electricity. – Then you...


Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer

Mystim Extra Spiny Spencer 5-Wheel Metal Pinwheel with E-Stim He is often mistaken for a pasta wheel, but although let's say - he is pretty much suitable to use on noodles - that's not what our Extra Spiny Spencer is mainly about: he is a monopolar...


The Stinger Electro-Play Wand

The Stinger Electro-Play Wand Motivation comes in many forms. This cattle prod-style electro-play wand creates different sensations specific to the area it is applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate...