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Pjur Original - 250ml

Pjur Original - 250ml pjur® ORIGINAL is a best selling silicone lubricant which provides a pleasurable, long-lasting gliding feeling, while making your skin smooth and silky soft. pjur® ORIGINAL is superconcentrated and the right choice for...


Pjur Back Door Glide - 250ml

Pjur Back Door Glide 250ml Silicone-based anal glide with higher concentration for extra-long lasting lubricating effect. Anal intercourse, particularly of the more vigorous variety, requires a more careful approach under certain circumstances. To...


Pjur Back Door Glide 100 ml

Pjur Back Door Glide 100 ml One of our products designed for gay men and to enhance anal sex. Check out the combination of silicone lubricant and jojoba. The long-lasting lubricating properties of the silicone formula and the addition of natural jojoba...

Pjur His & Hers

HIS Energizing Personal Lubricant contains natural ginkgo a" for more energy and power.  HER Stimulating and Warming Personal Lubricant contains natural ginseng which increases blood flow and the female sensitivity.


Pjur MedClean

The approved active ingredient of pjur® med Clean in a convenient fleece wipe for quick and hygienic cleaning without lint residue or germ transfer. Pjur MedClean contains special ingredients that have an intensive anti-microbial effect against...


Pjur Original - 100 ml

This economical silicone personal lubricant provides optimal lubrication and excellent skin-on-skin slide. Supplied in a 100ml non drip container. Super-concentrated ingredients means only a few drops are required. Guaranteed longer lasting, never...


Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml

Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml The Pjur Med Cleaning Spray is an ideal gentle, hygienic way for cleaning intimate areas and toys. Items that are alcohol sensitive such as latex, rubber and silicone are not affected. The mild formula of Pjur Med Cleaning...