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XR Brands

Metal Bondage Fiddle

Metal Bondage Fiddle This heavy-duty piece of bondage equipment has a unique design, both in appearance and function. Similar to the restraint used in the film Logan, this restraint keeps your lovers hands immobilized in front of them. A single pin...

S(A)X Leather

Hobble Belt - 32mm Wide with D-Rings

S(A)X Leather Hobble Belt - 32mm Wide with D-Rings Not only will this belt hold your pants up in a stylish manner, it will also double as as set of restraints for those times when you need to control your slave easily. Discreet and looking like a...

Tom Of Finland

Tom of Finland Locking Chain Cuffs

Tom of Finland Locking Chain Cuffs Your partner is unlike anyone else, so they deserve a unique kind of discipline! Bind that bad boy in these extraordinary chain cuffs to enhance your fantasies as they unfold before your eyes! Made of durable...

Cross Angle Wrist Restraints

Cross Angle Wrist Restraints Made in Stainless Steel each wrist side is fitted with a locking screw that when closed offers a clean smooth appearance. The cuffs are made of solid stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. They can be used to...

S(A)X Leather

Non-Adjustable Darby Style Handcuffs

Non-Adjustable Darby Style Handcuffs - Stainless Steel These beautiful Old World style Hiatt handcuffs are the screw type used by Houdini, in his famous Scotland Yard Escape. Non-Adjustable, traditional solid cast cuff with a spring barrel lock. Still...

S(A)X Leather

Thumb Cuff - Stainless Steel

Thumb Cuffs Stainless Steel Stainless Steel these Cuffs small enough to carry in your pocket and make an ideal back-up restraint. Thumb and toe cuffs restraints are excellent additions to the bondage playroom. They are police quality cuffs that are...

Double Lock Handcuffs

The Double Lock handcuffs are steel chrome plated cuffs joined by a triple hinge. Excellent quality and a heavier weight. The hinge design restricts wrist movement better than standard chain handcuffs. The inner perimeter measures 5-3/4" to 8"...

Chrome Slave Wrist cuffs

Beautifully handcrafted, the Chrome Slave Wrist Cuffs are a perfect gift. Available in 2 sizes and featuring an easy to lock/unlock fitting. Small - Inner Diameter 5.6cm x 2cm High Medium - Inner Diameter 6.0cm x 2cm High