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Mystim Electrode Gel

Mystim Electrode Gel This gel is an electro conductive adhesive for non-adhesive electrodes. With the electrode gel, those electrodes don't have to be taped to the body any longer.  Again: This is an adhesive - a glue, NOT a lubricant.

Zeus Electrosex

Zeus Electro Pads 4-Pack

Zeus Electro Pads 4-Pack Electrosex works by running a gentle current through the body, exciting nerves and muscles along the way, essentially making your body pulse and vibrate. Use this 4 pack of electro conductive pads to replace your worn out Zeus...

Zeus Electrosex

Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5 oz

Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5 oz Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel acts as a conductive applicator that amplifies the benefits and sensations of your favorite electrosex products.  Apply it to the area of the body where you will be using your e-stim...

Conductivity Gel

The gel is salt free to avoid corrosion plus hypoallergenic. This convenient 250g tube of professional quality electrode gel will give hours of pleasure. The gel is not recommended for use with self adhesive pads.


E-STIM Electropads

The Electro Pads are medical grade self-adhesive conductive sticky pads. The conductive pad can be reused (with care), cut to size, used on both him and her, and used in most external places, subject to the normal safety considerations (i.e. below...