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We-Vibe Clean 100ml

We-Vibe Clean 100ml Developed by pjur, for gentle, hygienic cleaning of adult pleasure products. We-Vibe Clean is dermatology confirmed and neutral in odor and taste. It is formulated for use with alcohol sensitive materials, such as latex, rubbers...


Pjur MedClean

The approved active ingredient of pjur® med Clean in a convenient fleece wipe for quick and hygienic cleaning without lint residue or germ transfer. Pjur MedClean contains special ingredients that have an intensive anti-microbial effect against...


Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml

Pjur Medi Clean Spray - 100ml The Pjur Med Cleaning Spray is an ideal gentle, hygienic way for cleaning intimate areas and toys. Items that are alcohol sensitive such as latex, rubber and silicone are not affected. The mild formula of Pjur Med Cleaning...