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Probe Silicone Sound

Probe Silicone Sound Take your sounding to all new depths with PROBE, the new super lengthy silicone sound from OXBALLS. PROBE is a flexible, soft silicone sound that’s super smooth n’ squishy to the touch. Silicone is our...


Spooge Silicone Sound

Spooge Silicone Sound Stretch and stuff your piss-slit with SPOOGE, the brand spankin’ new silicone sound from OXBALLS. SPOOGE is a tiered sound that tapers into a fleshy realistic cock-shaped base complete with a flared shroomhead...


Piss Holer Vibrating Sounding Kit

Piss Holer Vibrating Sounding Kit The Piss Holer is a sounding kit for the beginner to the advanced enthusiast. The kit includes three silicone sounding rods in graduated lengths and thicknesses. The beaded flexible sounds bend with the body, to make it...

Sport Fucker

Probe 3 Pack - Black

Probe 3 Pack - Black Looking to try to bust your final sex-cherry? Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men. You already spend half of your free time rubbin’ and tuggin’ on your best appendage. Why not...


E-Stim 10mm UltraSound™ Smooth

10mm UltraSound™ Smooth This 10mm UltraSound™ Smooth is polished to a mirror finish, making it ultra smooth and ultra shiny and it has a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip. Manufactured from solid stainless steel the taper is designed to...


E-Stim 8mm UltraSound™ Smooth

8mm UltraSound™ Smooth This 8mm UltraSound™ Smooth is ultra smooth, ultra shiny made from solid stainless steel and polished to a mirror finished electrosound has a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip. The taper is designed to give a gentle...


P.A Sounds 2 Piece Set - Red

P.A Sounds 2 Piece Set - Red 2 Sounds, flexible pure medical grade for beginners, slim tip that gets gently thicker the length of the shaft... The other is like 3 size sounds in one...very slim for the first 2 inches, about pencil thick...

S(A)X Leather

Hegar Single Ended Sounds

Hegar single ended sounds & dilators, in 8 sizes. One side is flat for a tighter grip & easy insertion. Each sound is little bigger than the previous. The sounds start at 4mm and go up to 12mm in 1mm increments.

S(A)X Leather

Van Buren Sounds

The Van Buren Dilator Set is stainless steel in eight sizes starting approx 6mm dia and rising to 10.5mm dia. total weight is 453gms.18 - 6mm20 - 7mm22 - 7.5mm24 - 8mm26 - 8.5mm28 - 9mm30 - 10mm32 - 10.5mm

S(A)X Leather

Dittle Sounds Dilators

Dittle Sounds Dilators The Dittle Sounds Kit is supplied with eight stainless steel sounds in sizes from 18- 32.The sounds are 29cm long in eight sizes, a perfect way for beginners to start.18 - 6mm20 - 7mm22 - 7.5mm24 - 8mm26 - 8.5mm28 - 9mm30 - 10mm32...


Silicone Sounds - Oxballs

The OxBalls Silicone Sounds are made from soft, flexible silicone. Two sounds are supplied, one tapered and one stepped. The insertable length is 11cm, the max. dia. is 1.2cm and the min. dia. is 4mm The shaft of the sounds are perfectly machined and...


E-Stim Urethral Sounds

The E-Stim Urethral Sounds is a collection of stainless steel urethral sounds in different sizes designed for those who enjoy a more intense style of play. Available in; Small - 8mm Large - 10mm (Sold Out) Sounding is basically inserting thin...