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S(A)X Leather

Jaws Spec-U-Plug O/S Smoke

At OXBALLS, we’ve done fuck-plugs, ass-locks, toilet-plugs, and now we’re proud to introduce our newest nastiest pucker plugger yet…spec-u-plugs... JAWS may look like an alien anal probe but in reality…that’s...

Perfect Fit

Anal Fetish Collection

Anal Fetish Collection – When it comes to anal toys and butt plugs, Perfect Fit is on the leading edge of innovation. Try these best sellers and you’ll see why we had to patent our design. IN THIS BOX Master...

Perfect Fit

The Boner - Black

The Boner - Black This innovative dildo allows for quick and easy insertion of the very popular anal toy, the Hump Gear. The insertable length is 8 inches with 10 inches overall length. 2 inches wide at the base of the insertable length tapered to 1...

Perfect Fit

Double Tunnel Plug Medium - Black

Double Tunnel Plug Medium - Black The Double Tunnel Plug features two plugs that slightly taper to the tip which makes it one of the most innovative butt plugs available on the market. In addition to being a standard butt plug, you can use the tunnel...

Perfect Fit

Tunnel Plug Medium - Black

Tunnel Plug Medium - Black You’ve never seen anything like this; it’s the coolest innovation in butt plugs since they were introduced to the market. Instead of just plugging someone’s butt, you can open it and use the incredible...

Doc Johnson

Belladonnas Magic Hand

Belladonnas Magic Hand Molded from the famous adult actress herself, Belladonna. Enjoy this exact replica of belladonna's hand any way you want! Perfectly molded for easy penetration, it is easy to enjoy Belladonna like never before! Measurements: 11...


Pighole Fuckplug 3 Large - Black

Pighole Fuckplug 3 Large - Black PIG-HOLE 1 (small), PIG-HOLE 2 (medium), PIG-HOLE-3 (large), PIG-HOLE-4 (XL), PIG-HOLE-5 (XXL) There are a few hollow butt plugs out there, but none as stupid hot as PIG-HOLE…shaped so it fits your hole like...