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Are you interested in selling quality, Australian Made leather gear to your kink & fetish customers?

With a vast product offering and a rich history since 1980, S(A)X Leather is the go-to brand for boys and girls in the scene or those just wanting to explore.

We offer excellent after sales service including a complete repair service and extended product warranties. We are just a phone call or email away.

We can also assist with the crafting of bespoke items for your clients. We are highly experienced in leather-craft and are confident we can tailor any of our products to suit your needs. 

Not only do we wholesale our leather gear, we've also partnered with leading overseas brands to offer their quality BDSM and fetish gear to our customers.

If you're a brick and mortar store, or a well established online retailer - please feel free to create a wholesale account with us today and then send us a message telling us about your business. 

*Note* - Wholesale customers are not eligible to use any discount coupons intended for retail customers. This specifically means any discount codes sent in our weekly newsletter. The S(A)X Rewards program does not extend to wholesale customers.

Wholesale customers are not permitted to use Afterpay as a payment method.

S(A)X Leather "Shop in Shop"

Premium retailers interested in stocking a large range of our products may wish to enquire about becoming a S(A)X Leather "Shop in Shop" where we send customers wanting to experience our products in your retail environment.

Please create an account and email us stating your interest in becoming a Shop in Shop.