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King Cock

King Cock Insertz Moist 3-Pack

King Cock Insertz Moist 3-Pack These no-mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lotion or toy cleaner to stay exactly where you want it. The thin, extra-long tapered tips make application a breeze. They're smooth, easy to squeeze, and...

Mister B

In'm Disposable Anal Shower

In'm Disposable Anal Shower Always clean, always prepared. Whether you’re longer away from home or you barely have pockets in your sexy outfit, with the In’m Disposable Anal Shower you will pack light and always be ready...


Bold Delay Gel - 29ml

Bold Delay Gel - 29ml Desensitizing gel for men made with healthy ingredients and natural preservatives. Safe for oral play and to use with latex products. This sweet, minty gel allows a man to feel all the pleasure he wants, while reducing any...


Pjur Back Door Glide - 250ml

Pjur Back Door Glide 250ml Silicone-based anal glide with higher concentration for extra-long lasting lubricating effect. Anal intercourse, particularly of the more vigorous variety, requires a more careful approach under certain circumstances. To...


Pjur Back Door Glide 100 ml

Pjur Back Door Glide 100 ml One of our products designed for gay men and to enhance anal sex. Check out the combination of silicone lubricant and jojoba. The long-lasting lubricating properties of the silicone formula and the addition of natural jojoba...

XR Brands

Numb It Nipple Desensitizing Stick

Numb It Nipple Desensitizing Stick Let this vitamin E infused cooling stick soothe away any extra sensitivity while conditioning your skin for a silky soft feel. The chilling mint and numbing agents will help reduce any discomfort instantly with this...