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Mystim E-Stim Magic Gloves

Mystim E-Stim Magic Gloves These electro-conductive gloves are perfect for tingling electro sex strokes. The enclosed vinyl gloves need to be worn under the Magic Gloves, in order to isolate the own hands against the electricity. – Then you...


Stockroom Vampire Gloves

Stockroom Vampire Gloves - Available from XS to XL The Vampire Gloves are sporty black leather gloves made of soft, thin leather, with a snap closure at the wrist and one other special feature: the fingers have prickly little tacks sticking out of them...

XR Brands

XR Brands Vampire Gloves

Vampire Gloves - Available in Medium or Large Into intense sensation play? Try out these Vampire Gloves. These gloves contain nearly 100 one-eighth inch tacks that create a indescribable sensation over the part of your body that is being touched...

SC Novelties

Mens Large Elbow - Length Gloves

Mens Large Elbow - Length Gloves These Elbow-Length Latex Gloves are the perfect accessory for those who enjoy bondage, fetish wear, or just want to explore their partner in a new, intimate way. Whether you are poking, prodding, fisting, or teasing,...