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Mister B

Mister B Spider Gag

Mister B Spider Gag When creating a sexy and hot bondage scene, having your partner's mouth open can be a tantalizing visual as well as sexual experience. These Mister B Spider Gags are designed to keep your partner's mouth open wide enough to place...

XR Brands

Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag

Feeder Locking Open Mouth Gag Spread their lips and keep their mouth open and awaiting your pleasure. This locking gag features a 1.5 inch diameter opening at the front, the perfect size for accepting all sorts of objects...a rolling buckle at the...

Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer Leather Ball Gag Brown

Coco de Mer Leather Ball Gag Brown Elite eroticism is yours with this premium leather and silicone ball gag. Crafted from sumptuous cowhide, butter-soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and strong brass hardware, each item has been created for...


Jawbreaker Gag - Replacement Candy

Jawbreaker Gag - Replacement Candy This delicious twist on the classic rubber ball gag features a replaceable jawbreaker candy ball gag instead. With nylon tubing attached to adjustable leather straps, this gag is perfect for any size. The new...

Mister B

Mister B Killer Mouth Gag

Mister B Killer Mouth Gag This is a real Killer... Mouthgag. Put the ball in the mouth of your slave and buckle the firm leather strap up behind his or her head. Then you screw the hard rubber ball sloooooowly inwards towards the back of his or her...

Mister B

Mister B Leather Strap-On Piss Gag

Mister B Leather Strap-On Piss Gag Outside diameter of tube is quite big: 40 mm. Tube is rubberized plastic.The rest is made of sturdy leather. Piss pigs rejoice with this awesome leather piss gag from Mister B! Made from great quality leather with...


Over The Mouth Ball Gag

Over The Mouth Ball Gag This ball gag is sexy enough to take your favorite sub or slave to a classy party in style all the while keeping them quiet.We place a soft leather curtain over a black ball gag, with a leather strap to wrap around the head and...


Jawbreaker Gag

Jawbreaker Gag The new Jawbreaker Gag™ offers a sweet variation on an item long utilized in fetish sex. Rather than strapping the classic rubber ball into the mouth, this new version uses a ball made from real, edible jawbreaker candy. Sweet...

XR Brands

Rubber Penis Gag with Airway

Rubber Penis Gag with Airway For those that are looking for an all rubber inflatable gag, this is it! This penis gag has a.5 inch hole that feeds through a 9 inch long hollow rubber tube. This allows for easier breathing or for some great breath play...

XR Brands

Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag

Latrine Extreme Funnel Gag The name says it all! Pour the liquid of your choice down your slaves throat, forcing them to swallow every drop! This innovative and unusual gag adjusts around your submissive lovers head, tightening and even locking so...

XR Brands

Beginners Penis Mouth Gag

Beginners Penis Mouth Gag Made for beginners, this penis mouth gag is non-intimidating and sized just right. Once you have slid the penis gag to the perfect position, wrap the straps around their head and lock into place. The buckle will be secure but...

Mister B

Mister B Dog Bone Gag Black

Mister B Dog Bone Gag Black This Mister B Premium Dog Bone Gag is an inhibiting bone gag that will help you train and control your pet dog or puppy comfortably. Ideal when your pup is too talkative or when he makes too much noise when you play with him...

Inflatable Rubber Hood and Gag

Inflatable Rubber Hood and Gag Two ways to inflate this hood and gag combo make for a really intense rubber fetish experience. Both the hood and its built in gag are separately inflatable. An inflatable bladder inside the hood puts even pressure...

XR Brands

Ride Me Mouth Gag

Ride Me Mouth Gag The Ride Me Mouth Gag keeps you stuffed and your partner silent! There is plenty of penetration to go around with a glossy black dildo on the outside, and a cock-shaped mouth gag on the inside. This double dose of dick is supported...

XR Brands

Inflatable Gag with Dildo

Inflatable Gag with Dildo Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that once securely put on, can be inflated. After the gag is put on, and...