About S(A)X Leather

If your interest is in leather fetish then S(A)X Leather is your place of fantasy.


We are an icon of the Australian leather fetish scene

Since 1980 - Sydney, Australia



Originally S(A)X Leather specialised in the manufacture of sandals, handbags and other leathercraft items. Steve Saxton, the S(A)X Leather originator, has always been dedicated to producing top end gear.

After several years Steve turned his focus to leather fetish gear and that's the direction the company has taken since the late 80's. 

Today the entire S(A)X Leather team has a passion for leathercraft and are enthusiastic in producing the high quality leather fetish gear.

Originally from Sydney, today our workshop is located in the winery region of the Adelaide Hills, Australia - We send our goods all over the world on a daily basis.


'Quality and Service' is our simple philosophy and handcrafted Australian Made Leather Fetish & BDSM gear is what we do best.

At S(A)X Leather we endeavour to give you the best quality leather bondage gear from local resources.

We've made our products available in our online store and from selected premium retailers throughout Australia and Internationally.

We'll ship our products globally and will always be regarded as great value for money and price competitive.

S(A)X Leather has been supplying leather fetish wear and BDSM equipment to the gay scene in Sydney, Australia since 1980. We have outfitted the most discerning party goers for events such as The Sleaze Ball and The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and other fetish and BDSM parties from San Francisco to Amsterdam to London.

We cater for the gay leather man along with anyone and everyone who has an interest in leather fetish gear. We also have a range of strap-on harnesses that have been sent in their 10,000's to women all over the world.

We also stock a wide range of complementary adult products, from leading global brands - from clothing, male chastity, stainless steel to medical equipment, puppy play, electro sex and everything we can get our hands on that might appeal to our customers.

We are a one stop BDSM shop for all your BDSM gear!

So if you are a mistress or master, slave, dominant, submissive, bear, biker, or any kind of leather lover or just into the leather fetish scene come and have a look. We may well have just what you are looking for, if we don't please let us know and we'll get it in.

Thanks for shopping at S(A)X Leather - your premium online destination.