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S(A)X Leather

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood This new Mister B FETCH leather Floppy Dog Mask has floppy ears will transform you or your pup into a friendly mutt. This classic dog hood is made of sturdy yet supple leather and is firstly equipped with a snap on chin...

Mister B

Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood

Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood Mister B has now made a pup muzzle hood in heavy rubber! This Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood is easy to put on and off, playful and very versatile. The chin piece comes with two colours of snap-in tongues: a black one and...


Buckling Collar w/Mini Cowbell

Buckling Collar w/Mini Cowbell Take your slave out to pasture with our Buckling Collar with Mini-Cowbell. It is great for animal role play, or challenge the wearer to stand still enough to prevent the bell from ringing. The Buckling Collar with...


Premium Leather Knee Pads

Premium Leather Knee Pads. These top of the line, deluxe leather knee pads are the perfect functional accessory for those who want to spend a lot of time on their knees. A Stockroom original design, these knee pads protect the knees and look great too...


Leather Puppy Paw Fist Mitts

Leather Puppy Paw Fist Mitts These mitts are ideal for crawling on all fours like a puppy dog! Our Puppy Fist Mitts consist of Padded Fist Mitts on the inside with a heavy Latigo leather puppy paw shell. The bottoms of the mitts have sturdy leather paw...


Sono No. 10 Butt Plug 4 Inch

Sono No. 10 Butt Plug 4 Inch This butt plug is a must have for everybody who loves backdoor pleasure. We have developed this product with hygiene and health in mind. Because of its texture and form it's easy to insert. It is recommended to use a little...

Mister B

Torquator Collar Chrome

Torquator Collar Chrome   The torquator collar is truly stunning and built with the added twist of blunt metal spikes on the inside.   Pull it tight to feel its bite and lead them around in this thoroughly evil collar.

Mister B

Dog Leash Handle

Dog Leash Handle You'll need one of these if you wanna give good training to your dog.  There are three different sizes depending on how much freedom you want to give to your puppy. Dogleash handle: if you want to keep him close that's the one,...