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XR Brands

Metal Bondage Fiddle

Metal Bondage Fiddle This heavy-duty piece of bondage equipment has a unique design, both in appearance and function. Similar to the restraint used in the film Logan, this restraint keeps your lovers hands immobilized in front of them. A single pin...


Boot Suspension Cuffs

Boot Suspension Cuffs These high quality, latigo leather cuffs secure the ankles with three adjustable straps, then flair out, leaving room for your favorite heels, stompers, or plain bare feet. The cuffs are sturdy enough for full suspension. Ever...


Stockroom Leather Hobble Belt

Stockroom Leather Hobble Belt Based on a traditional cowboy horse rancher's belt. When worn around the waist, it is a classic functional leather belt, but when removed and looped through the two O-rings and center D-ring, it instantly becomes a handy...

Sir Richards

Body Binder

Body Binder COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. The COMMAND Body Binder ensures complete obedience. Versatile design secures arms and wrists firmly from behind or in front. The Body Binder wraps the torso with the thick, durable industrial-strength nylon...

Sir Richards

Bicep Binder

Bicep Binder COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder offers effective restraint. Versatile design secures biceps firmly from behind or in front. The Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder wraps each bicep with the thick, durable industrial-strength...

Sir Richards

Under-Mattress Bondage Straps

Under-Mattress Bondage Straps  COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. Under-Mattress Bondage Straps transform your bed into a bondage playground. Designed to slip securely under your mattress, the thick, durable industrial-strength nylon straps attach to...

Sir Richards

Hogtie & Collar Set

Hogtie & Collar Set COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. The COMMAND Hogtie & Collar Set ensures ultimate submission. Taking bondage one step further than a classic hogtie, Sir Richard’s Hogtie & Collar Set allows the neck to also be secured...

Mister B

Mister B Vac Rack

Mister B Vac Rack The Mister B Vac Rack. The ultimate addition to your playroom for the lovers of intense latex play. Bondage, Sensory Deprivation and Breath Control are some of the endless possibilities of the Mister B Vac Rack. The Mister B Vac Rack...

XR Brands

Hanging Leather Strap Cage

Hanging Leather Strap Cage This incredible bondage device is made of sturdy leather straps, designed to enfold, enclose, and ensnare your subject. The solid platform base allows your partner to stand inside. As they step on the leather wrapped wooden...

Kink Industries

Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed

Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed The Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is capable of totally immobilizing its occupant between two sheets of 0.4mm latex rubber! When you hook your vacuum up to the beds reinforced vacuum attachment port, the latex bag will...