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Nipple Play

If you enjoy some nipple contact, you might be pleasantly surprised at the erogenous potential of a simple nipple clamp.

If you generally have unresponsive nipples, you may be impressed by the increase in sensation gained through these simple toys.

Just remember never to leave a clamp on for longer than 20 minutes until you know what you or your partner can tolerate.

To create additional sensation, you can weight clamps with fishing weights once you become more familiar with your response. Another form of nipple stimulation is vibrating nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps are a simple toy to add nipple stimulation while engaged in oral or penetrative sex.

Stimulating both of your lover's nipples with one finger is as easy as the pull of a chain and saves your other hand for other activities (heck... tie a string in the middle of the chain, put it in your mouth, and free up both hands)!