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S(A)X Leather

Darby Leg Irons Non-Adjustable

Darby Leg Irons Non-Adjustable Stainless Steel heavy but comfortable, and a very unique addition to your collection. Unlike most other Darby restraints the key is a male one, which is known as "Sheffield pattern". The bow can not be "snap closed", so...

S(A)X Leather

Heavy Duty Ankle Restraints

Heavy Duty Ankle Restraints Made from stainless steel with round shape, edges and smooth mirror polish. It's comfortable and allowing long use and wear. This is a restraint system that is both high-function and high-fashion. Locks with screw, opens...

S(A)X Leather

Heavy Duty Ankle Shackles

Heavy Duty Ankle Shackles Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ankle Round Shape Shackles Dungeon Irons with Allen Screw Allen Key more comfortable. Each slave needs to have their own custom made set of ankle shackles. These irons will put them in their place...