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Leather, silicone, latex and stainless steel gags and mouth bits ... whatever your need, we've got something for you!

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  • Rubber Ring Gag Rubber Ring Gag

    Rubber Ring Gag

    S(A)X Leather

    The Rubber Ring Gag has a 6cm diameter ring, with bridle leather straps. The rubber ring section has a removable strap. Australian Made from quality leather.
  • Horse Bit Gag Horse Bit Gag

    Horse Bit Gag

    S(A)X Leather

    The S(A)X Leather Horse Bit Gag is a two D-ringed rubber horse bit gag with a buckled leather strap. The rubber is a tasteless rubber with D rings at each end and a leather strap. It is handmade using quality materials. Australian Made.   
  • Inflatable Penis Gag Inflatable Penis Gag

    Inflatable Penis Gag

    S(A)X Leather
    The Inflatable Penis Gag features a rubber penis shaped inflatable gag that, un-inflated, is 3.5cm in diameter and 6cm in height. The straps are secured with heavy duty snaps that allow immediate removal in case of choking. The penis may be red or...
  • Spider Gag Spider Gag

    Spider Gag

    S(A)X Leather

    The Spider Gag is a specialist gag for keeping the mouth wide open. It has a stainless steel ring and strap attachment, the ring has an external diameter of 50mm and internal of 40mm. This gag has leather straps that are easily removed in case of an...
  • Ball Gag Head Harness Ball Gag Head Harness

    Ball Gag Head Harness

    S(A)X Leather
    This multi adjustable headharness fits all heads, comfortably and securely. The ball can be removed for cleaning and for multiple users a condom can placed over the ball for hygiene. Australian made using quality leather and a features a 40mm rubber...
  • Silicone Penis Gag Silicone Penis Gag

    Silicone Penis Gag

    S(A)X Leather
    The Silicone Penis Gag is made from silicone rubber and leather. The penis gag is 6.5cm long x 3.5cm in diameter and is made from silicone in black or red depending on availability. The gag snaps for easy removal in case of emergency. It also has...
  • Rubber Ball Gag 40mm

    Rubber Ball Gag 40mm

    S(A)X Leather
    Squash ball gag 40mm in diameter mounted on solid leather strap. The strap is removable, allowing a condom to be fitted - for use with multiple partners. Australian Made.
  • Ride Me Mouth Gag Ride Me Mouth Gag

    Ride Me Mouth Gag

    XR Brands

    Ride Me Mouth Gag The Ride Me Mouth Gag keeps you stuffed and your partner silent! There is plenty of penetration to go around with a glossy black dildo on the outside, and a cock-shaped mouth gag on the inside. This double dose of dick is supported...
  • Beginners Penis Mouth Gag Beginners Penis Mouth Gag

    Beginners Penis Mouth Gag

    XR Brands

    Beginners Penis Mouth Gag Made for beginners, this penis mouth gag is non-intimidating and sized just right. Once you have slid the penis gag to the perfect position, wrap the straps around their head and lock into place. The buckle will be secure but if...
  • 5 Layer Filtered Face Mask 5 Layer Filtered Face Mask

    5 Layer Filtered Face Mask

    XR Brands
    5 Layer Filtered Face Mask Walk about in style with this versatile fashion mask! The adjustable nose bridge clip tightens the seal around the face for a more secure feel, while the velcro enclosures ensures a snug fit for every head size. The stylish...
  • Separate Penis Gag Long

    Separate Penis Gag Long

    S(A)X Leather
    The Separate Penis Gag Long is a snap on extension to the Penis Gags. The rubber dildo is 12cm long x 3.5cm diameter It comes in either red or black, depending on availability.