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Elastrator Castration Pliers

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Elastrator Castration Pliers

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Delve into profound depths of control and surrender with the Elastrator Castration Pliers. Crafted for those who explore the edges of desire and power in BDSM play, these pliers are not just a tool but a key to a realm of intense psychological play. Designed for precision and safety, the pliers can be used in scenarios of symbolic castration, tapping into ancient taboos and modern fantasies alike. This high-quality instrument is for the connoisseur of extreme play, offering both the thrill of ultimate control and the intimacy of trust and surrender.

Pliers come with a packet of 100 rubber rings. 


Material: Silver
Plier Size: 26cm
Size: 5-50 mm (adjustable)
Plier Weight: 295 g 


Safety and Liability Warning: This product is intended for use strictly as a symbolic instrument in consensual BDSM activities. It should never be used to perform actual castration or any other medical procedure. Users must agree to use the product responsibly and ethically within the boundaries of informed consent of all parties involved. Sax Leather is not liable for any misuse of this product or any injuries that may result from its improper use. Always prioritize safety and clear communication when engaging in any form of BDSM play.