E-Stim UK ABox Mk2

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E-Stim UK ABox Mk2

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E-Stim UK ABox Mk2

The new ABox Mk2 is a unique electroplay device created specifically for erotic sound driven electro stimulation. Simple to use and very effective.

An upgraded version of our Classic ABox which was originally designed in 2006, the Mk2 is now smaller, lighter and more powerful with a more sensitive microphone response and higher output levels.

Feel The Music!

Listening to music is something we all enjoy, so we have combined listening to music with the unique sensations of E-Stim, and created something wonderful with the ABox.

Rather than just being sound triggered like a 1970's disco, the ABox Mk2 is sound driven.

The input, whether from the built in adjustable sensitivity microphone or the stereo input, is converted to a powerful and controllable electrostim signal.

You can use the built in microphone, or plug your MP3 player or other (audio source) giving you an electro experience that has been described by some as 'out of this world', and by others as 'just plain evil'.

Sound Driven E-Stim

With basic sound triggered E-Stim controllers, even the higher priced units, the sound input triggers a simple E-Stim pulse.

With the ABox Mk2, the sound signal itself drives the output signal, so the output is similar, both in amplitude (loudness) and frequency (tone) to the input signal, giving a much more pure response.

Think of the possibilities! Using the built in Microphone you have an element of voice control, now your subject can feel the tone of your voice.

More Than Stereostim

The ABox Mk2 is not a simple Stereo Stim Amplifier. It has been created and developed to work with real music sources rather than boring monotonal tracks.

This is not to say that the ABox Mk2 won't work with some stereo stim tracks, it will and indeed we even offer a selection for download, but it is designed to be most effective and interesting when used with musical sources.

From Rock to Boogie, the ABox Mk2 creates a wealth of sensations and stimuli, all directed at your most erogenous zones.

Voice Control

The ability to change the nature of the e-stim output just by changing the level and tonal qualities of your voice is a powerful addition to any game.

The old adage 'Silence is Golden' brings a new meaning when the ABox Mk2 is used in a BDSM environment.

The internal microphone is adjustable and more sensitive than the original ABox, allowing you to play in many different play environments.

Level Display

One of the key features is a unique LED input level display. This provides an instant indication of the input level, either from the built in microphone, or the stereo input. The display responds to the input in an instant - offering even more control over the output.

Built In Mixer

The ABox Mk2 has a built in analogue mixer so you can automatically use stereo or mono devices to connect to the stereo input, the mixer then drives the output.

And you can control the level both from your source (volume), and the output level control of the ABox Mk2.

Complete & Ready To Go

All of our ABoxes are supplied in a custom made carry case, together with connection cables, a battery, a pack of sticky pad electrodes and a quick guide to get you started. A more comprehensive manual is available online.

Safety & Quality

Don't forget all of our power units are designed and built in the UK to the latest UK and EU safety regulations, and created with in built safety features such as built in current limiting and unlike some imported e-stim units all of our power boxes are CE marked.

The ABox Mk2, like the original ABox is covered by our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.

Channels/ Outputs Single Channel, via standard 3.5mm mono socket.
Input Single 3.5mm stereo jack socket.
Input Impedance 33KOhm
Input Sensitivity 500mV, 200 to 6000Hz
Display 5 High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes indicating input level and Power On.
Operating Modes 2 – Internal Drive (Microphone), External Drive (Line In)
Controls Slide switches for Power On/Off and Input Selector. Rotary controls for adjustment of Microphone sensitivity, and Output Level.
Output Waveform Current limited pulsed AC
Power Supply Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3) Supplied
Battery Life Depends on load, but estimated at around 8 hours.
Dimensions (approximate.) 112mm x 65mm x 41mm
Weight (with battery) 160g
Supplied Accessories

1 off 3.5mm to 2 mm/TENS output cable,
1 off 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Link Audio cable,
4 off Self Adhesive Gel Pads
1 off PP3 9 volt Battery
1 off Custom Protective Case
1 off Quick User Guide

Guarantee Lifetime