E-STIM Remote Controlled System

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E-STIM Remote Controlled System

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E-STIM Remote Controlled System


The new motion and audio sensitive E-Stim Remote System from E-Stim Systems offers electro based remote control in a small discreet package. Simple to use and very effective.

If you are looking for a little bit more in your e-stim play, then we have it for you with the new E-Stim Remote System. The original E-Stim Remote (Now called the Classic Remote, was the first electroplay unit in the world to feature a motion sensor. and now they have gone one better adding audio.

The new E-Stim Remote System is now one of the most powerful Remote E-Stim unit in the world, offering more levels, more control and a new Dynamic output waveform system to provide you with all the control you and your subject needs.

Using a new custom designed high quality digitally encoded keyfob transmitter and discreet receiver (providing a range of up to 100M depending on environmental conditions), together with more modes and adjustments than ever before you can be sure that the new Remote offers highly effective and easy to use remote controlled electroplay for everyone.

Key Features

Digitally Encoded Radio Control System with a range of up to 100M

10 modes including 2 Motion Sensor modes 2 new Audio modes

Custom designed 4 button Keyfob transmitter and Small discreet receiver with Belt Clip

27 output levels over 10 different modes with 7 levels of adjustment in each mode.

The ability to link multiple Keyfob and Power Units.

Safe BiPhasic current limited AC output with new Dynamic Waveform System

E-Stim Systems Lifetime Guarantee

Designed for Play

The new E-Stim Remote now has 10 different modes including the new motion and audio modes.

Everything is now easily controllable from the simple Keyfob. It doesn't just offer simple control over the output level either, You can now control the subtle nuances of the output in each mode directly from the Keyfob.

Motion Modes

The motion sensor ensures that the slightest movement of your subject can be 'punished'. If you get bored waiting for them to move the Fire button can override the motion sensor and have them jumping.

New Audio Modes

The new E-Stim Remote now features two new audio modes. Sensitive enough to trigger on a hand clap from several feet away, the two new audio modes have multiple sensitivity levels and two display modes giving you all sorts of new and interesting possibilities.

Training Mode

The highly popular Training Mode has been expanded, making it even easier to use and even more effective. with 4 levels of power... 25% 50% 75% and 100% all at the touch of a single button.

Multiple Output Levels

The output is digitally controlled over 27 levels, all easily selectable from the Keyfob. Each individual step is designed to increase the output just enough to be effective, The new Dynamic waveforms also ensure that higher levels feel even more intense.

Learn Mode

Each Keyfob is digitally encoded to a single Power Unit, so in normal use your Power Unit won't respond to any other Keyfob, However the built in learn function allows multiple Power Units to work in combination with multiple Keyfobs, as well as the other way around. In other words one Keyfob can control several Power Units, as well as one Power Unit responding to several different Keyfobs. All this can be setup simply in seconds.

More Power

The high quality microprocessor controlled voltage generator mean that batteries last longer and with a digitally generated pulse system you can be assured that the power is directed exactly where it is most effective. With the new Dynamic output system higher levels now give considerable more power.

Belt Clip

The receiver unit is fitted with a belt clip, easy to tuck into a strap, a waistband, a pocket or anything else you can think of. The belt clip is also firmly attached to the Power Unit - so you are unlikely to lose it.


The E-Stim Remote System features a heavy duty 3.5mm output socket and is compatible and powerful enough to operate with all E-Stim Systems electrodes.

Safety, Quality and with a Lifetime Guarantee

The E-Stim Remote System is designed and built in the UK to conform to the latest in UK and EU safety standards, and unlike some imported e-stim units, the Remote System not only comes with a CE mark, it comes with a full E-Stim Systems Lifetime Guarantee.