BON4M – Stainless Steel

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NEW FROM BON 4, the leader in male chastity devices, this device is suitable for the Medium/Large sized penis. It comes standard with 4 different sizes of stainless steel hinged back rings to choose from.

The overall assembled length is 11cm and the diameter of the cage opening is approx 3.5cm.

The internal cage length is 8.5cm.

BON4M stainless Steel Chastity device.


Stainless steel chastity cage
Overall Assembled Length: 110mm (4.33″)
Internal cage length: 85mm (3.35″)
Cage opening diameter: 35mm (1.38″)
4 Different stainless steel back rings: (40mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 52mm)
(1.57″ 1.73″, 1.89″ and 2.05″)
Steel Locking Pin
A top quality padlock
Instructions for putting the device on
Weight of the complete BON4M
Cage + 1.89″ Ring + Pad lock = 0.264Kg

All re-designed New BON4M cages come with 5 unique numbers laser engraved.

These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.


Reviews (1) 23rd Jun 2016

Worth Every cent.

Fits like a glove, goes on with no fuss. The weight is awesome, and just feels really good. Wore it for 30 hours first time no hassles.

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