2B Kit and Accessories Pack

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2B Kit and Accessories Pack

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2B Power Box and Accessories Pack (RRP $870)

The Ultimate in E-Stim Technology. If you want to stock the best, then stock the 2B ProPack. Created for the advanced user, or the user who is looking to purchase the best at the start.

If you are an experienced E-Stim user, and you want the best, or if you are a beginner but you believe in investing in the best right at the start, then the 2B ProPack is for you. We have taken our highly popular digital electrostim power box the 2B, and added a set of advanced accessories, designed with the experienced or advanced user in mind.

What do you get?

Power Box

The 2B power box. An advanced power unit, with dual isolated output channels, 17 program modes, built in audio, as well as the ability to connect to a PC, Mac or over the internet via the included digital link system.

Digital Link

The Digital Link System allows you to control your 2B from both a PC or a Mac, and even over the Internet. The link system also allows you to upgrade your control unit to the latest Firmware. UpLink and Commander are supplied on a USB memory stick.

Power Supply

The universal power supply. Gives you around a 30% power increase, as well as ensuring that things don't go flat just when they are getting interesting. It is also suppled with a variety of connections, and will work on 110V and 220V supplies.


2 4mm cables. All of our premium electrodes us hard wearing 4mm cables, so we supply not one but two sets - after all the 2B is a two channel power box!

Audio Link cable, allows you to connect to many common MP3 players, iPhone, etc.


Audio CD and PP3 battery.

Accessories Pack

The 2B accessory pack includes an E-Stim Systems Universal 110V/220V mains adaptor (ideal for travelling), which means no more running out of batteries and also gives your 2B an instant 30% more power.

The 2B Digital Link Interface, which allows you to upgrade the 2B Firmware every time we release new versions, but not only that but it allows for control of the 2B via a PC or Mac computer with Commander 3, and also means secure control over the internet with E-Stim Connect, so now rather than just web camming with someone you can now actually have control of what they feel.

If that was not enough we have also added in 2 sets of 4mm cables as no doubt you are going to be wanting to use some of our extensive range of accessories most of which use the 4mm connector.

  • Universal Voltage Mains Power Supply with mains adaptors for US, Australia, EU and UK
  • USB 2B Digital Link Interface, with UpLink and Commander supplied on a USB Stick
  • 2 x 4mm Cables
Channels/ Outputs Dual Isolated Channels via 3.5mm mono sockets
Display Backlit LCD with High Brightness LED's indicating Channel activity
Program Modes 17
Audio Modes 2
Audio Internal Microphone, Stereo Source via 3.5mm Stereo socket
Input Specification 33KΩ/500mV
Controls Independent controls for Channel intensity, mode selection and adjustment.
Output Waveform BiPhasic AC
PC Control Yes
Mac Control
Internet Control
Power Supply Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3) 
220V or 110V mains via included power supply
Dimensions (approximate.) 145mm x 80mm x 50mm
(5 3/4" x 3 1/4" x1")
Weight (with batteries) 500g
Supplied Accessories

2 off 3.5mm to 4mm output cables,
1 off 3.5mm Stereo input cable,
1 USB Digital Link Interface
1 4M USB Stick 
1 off PP3 Battery
1 off Audio CD
1 off Carry Case 
User guide.

Guarantee Lifetime (Powerbox only)