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Chastity Devices - Male & Female

Chastity Devices History

Male chastity devices and female chastity devices have an interesting history.
The first documented reference to the term "chastity belt" is credited to R'gine Pernoud, a Medieval historian who, in the 14th Century explained that a simple cord worn around the waist was a symbol of chastity (such as the robes of a monk or priest - the cord around his waist is a symbol of his vows of chastity and purity).

The first written evidence of a chastity belt was recorded by Keyser von Eichstad, a retired solider who compiled a manuscript in 1405 about the art of war and military equipment. In his book "Bellifortis" he included a drawing of a chastity belt (picture below), with the inscription "Est florentinarum hoc bracile dominarum ferreum et durum ab antea sit reseratum" ("breeches of hard Florentine iron that are closed at the front"). This chastity belt was worn by the women of Florence, Italy as a method of preventing rape. The Bellifortis manuscript is held in the library of Goettingen University, Germany.

The emergence of the Male Chastity..........

Male Chastity Devices

Unlike female chastity belts, the development of the male chastity belt or device has been much easier to follow. It's history is much more recent and can be traced through patients records. Below are 4 examples - the top 2 are American and the lowest one is of a patent held at Leeds County Council, Yorkshire. The middle called "The Timely Warning" is also an American design of 1905 and is similar to the "Kali's Teeth Bracelet" (an anti-erection device).

Between the 1850s and the beginning of the Second World War male chastity devices were developed for the purpose of preventing masturbation which the Victorian’s believed was a cause of insanity. It is at this point where we can see a distinct difference between male and female chastity belts/devices.

Female Chastity Devices

The Victorian view of the female chastity belt was to protect the wearer from rape, and where therefore considered as a method of security. However male chastity belts and devices were developed to prevent "self abuse", “self pollution”, "nocturnal emissions" and "insanity, imbecility and feeblemindedness" which were considered to be the natural fate of any young man with lax moral attitudes!


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At Sax Leather we stock a variety of chastity devices, here are a few:

Open Cock Cuff and closed cock cuffs to prevent unauthorised self pleasuring or masturbation. A Stallion Guard which is a very interesting leather cock strap with chrome rings and metal cage. A simple, but effective male chastity device. Our top of the line chrome Cock Cage is our most popular crafted chrome plated male chastity device. Also in chrome we have the Chrome Cock Collar this assists any problems you might have getting your cock ring or cock rings on in a hurry, this is the answer, removal could be a problem! The chrome cock collar is designed to be used with the cock cage. In addition to our male chastity devices we also stock a huge range of cock rings to suit all sizes and tastes.

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