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Fancy Steel

Mens Hybrid Male Chastity Belt

Mens Hybrid Male Chastity Belt Combining Fancy Steel style with luxurious leather.   The front chastity shield and tube are made from stainless steel with a back piece.    Beautiful leather straps bring the belt together to give...

Fancy Steel

Mens Chastity Cup

Mens Chastity Cup Our hand forged chastity cup completely covers the pubic region giving you a snug secure fit. Available in 2 sizes.  307 Stainless steel  Highly adjustable design  Fits any Fancy Steel full chastity belt 

Fancy Steel

Mens Low Profile Chastity Belt

Male Ball Cage Design Chastity Belt The right chastity belt is going to make sure that you're not doing anything you shouldn't be doing and that means keeping your entire body securely fastened away from temptation. This Fancy steel chastity belt is...

Fancy Steel

Male Rustic Chastity Belt

Male Rustic Chastity Belt The 'Rustic' Chastity belt - Inspired by medieval, Game of Thrones. This belt has a unique rustic vintage look: hammered and heat treated steel finished with luxurious leather. We will contact you to get your...

Fancy Steel

Male Linked Design Chastity Belt

Linked Design Male Chastity belt with link waist band. This unique waistbelt design is comprised from a 6 piece 1.5 highly polished stainless steel linked belt each part is threaded along the cable system like a bracelet for your waist, giving extra...