CB-6000S Male Chastity Device

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The CB-6000S is the manufacturers way of adding another design to provide personal choices for all types of male anatomy. The cage measurement is 2 1/2 inches in length. Included in Kit:

  • One Cage Portion 6.25cm long x 3cm in diameter
  • Five different sized rings from 38mm to 50mm in diameter
  • Four locking pins
  • Four spacers
  • One brass padlock with ONE key
  • Five individually numbered plastic locks
  • An embossed CB-6000 zipper pouch





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16th Apr 2015


It's so comfortable. I've worn it 6 days now. Took it off once to clean, but otherwise had no issues wearing it 24/7. It's secure as well. It contains my erections and when i'm soft it doesn't fall off. The only issue i had was when i went for my run and the padlock was scraping my thigh and caused a cut. (the chastity has rounded corners and parts so it's very safe). Definitely use the plastic lock or an alternate lock if you intend to be doing a lot of exercise. There is the obvious bulge and it's hard to wear tight pants for long periods. Ah. Being locked has never been more fun! Very competitive price here at SAX and excellent delivery time! Am very happy with my purchase!

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