Birdlocked Pico Chastity - Clear

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Birdlocked Pico Chastity - Clear

The Birdlocked Pico sheath includes 17 silicone spikes, which come into play when your partner gets an erection appears.

Contains no toxic material or heavy metals
Fully water-resistant
Resistant to chemical agents
Easy to wear (like a cock ring).
Causes no pain during nocturnal erections
Has seven air holes, which makes it perfectly suited to wear it for extended periods
Both penis and sheath are easy to clean without having to remove the sheath
Hypoallergenic therefore no irritation, even over prolonged periods
The material is flexible, but does not allow removal of the penis because of it’s innovating locking mechanism.
Once the proper cock ring setting has been found, removing the penis becomes impossible
It is very discreet, even invisible under clothes
The strap may be cut easily in case of emergency.

Available in 3 sizes;

Small - 40mm Birdlocked Pico
Medium - 45mm Birdlocked Pico
Large - 50mm Birdlocked Pico


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Improba 10th Jun 2017

Intense, effective, fun!

The birdlocked pico is a fantastic training or punishment device. It is definitely not a long term solution. When I am considerably naughty or pester my dom for attention, I often end up in this nasty little device. When completely flaccid the spikes are almost completely unnoticeable. However, start to become aroused even slightly and they make themselves known, pressing sharply into your Flesh. The harder you get the pain increases exponentially!! So far I have been able to wear this device for periods of 48 hours, before I cannot tolerate it anymore. The spikes do leave tiny little marks on your skin, however they only last a few hours once relieved.

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